BAQ Five Filter Henna Powder – 1kg



  • Best for bridal body art work and to add style and colour to all festivals .
  • We are henna farmers since three generations and proud to offer you the best henna crop from our organic farms in Sojat, Rajasthan.
  • This henna is Five hand filtered in a closed environment keeping the lawsone content of henna intact and making henna fine enough for a smooth application.
  • Body art henna is a great way to make tattoos. As compared permanent ink on skin , henna tattoos are harmless and are much beautiful and gives one the option of changing the design after it fades off.
  • Wash with room temperature water and rinse off . Do not use soap for next 24 hours . Apply coconut oil for a darker shade .
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Body Art Quality Organic Henna Powder


Henna commonly known as mehndi has been around the Indian subcontinent since the time of the Egyptian civilization (marking its origin there).

It is used as a natural cosmetic for body art on almost all occasions and major festivals in India.

Thus keeping that in mind we have created a triple hand-filtered fine powder from organically grown henna leaves which is tailored made for henna artists to use in this traditional body art form. This fine powder is ideal for creating a henna paste.

Who we are?

The idea behind the inception of Geetanjali Henna was a problem with the quality of henna sold domestically. Everyone has memories related to the application of the magical herb, but all those memories lacked the quality at its fair value. Our mission with the brand is to provide the desired, completely organic, and natural quality at a fair valueto the Indian consumer through holistic practices that preserve the traditional integrity of the age-old art form, which is the production of henna.

Organic Body Art Quality Henna Powder

  • ✔ Pure & natural
  • ✔ Safe to use (Man, woman, child & animals)

How to apply:


● Mix the henna powder in adequate like warm water until you get yogurt-like consistency

● Add sugar/lemon/any essential oil as a catalyst for deeper colour.


● Cover the paste or store it in an airtight container if possible for 6-12 hours.


● Apply the paste in your chosen design


● Before removing the dry paste it is recommended to cover the dried design in lemon-sugar/coconut/eucalyptus syrup.

● Slowly remove the flakes with water. Apply some oil again for longer-lasting shade.



Weight 1 kg
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